What’s Going On?


This weekend we returned to Marginal, one of the good places for walking in Maputo. The reason of this move from Miradouro to Marginal is the smell. I am not going to tell you how bad Miradouro smells because I would have to use a couple of words I usually avoid. Weeks ago we could breathe and enjoy the place. We could find familiar faces, like a young guitar player always occupying a bench where he certainly composes his music. Lately I have to use my hand to protect my nose and it’s possible to find homeless people sleeping in the area. A change was in order.


How do we find Marginal? Almost as dirty as Miradouro! A strong wind was blowing and walking around was a truly risk of ending up all wet with the waves. Such situation is a clear signal that erosion down there is in full strength. Do people care? Nobody seems to care!


Can you imagine that actually there are holes like these along the Marginal and nobody seems to be concerned? One of the holes is almost touching the road. It is visible that a simple storm can harm the place beyond imagination. I am not talking of a simple wall or a street lamp. I am talking of a complex engineering work in slopes, built to please people and also to stop the action of erosion.


From Naval to the Escola Náutica marina, there is no clean corner to be seen. We finished this weekend with a question to the town council: “Seriously, what is going on?”