Morning Highlights – Pain



My bedroom window opened just a little to reveal another sunny hot morning. Days can look the same in a row. We change a lot more than the weather, definitively.


Today, for instance, I waked excited by expectative. Let me tell you, right now I feel like a window opening to the unexpected. I truly like new situations and I am always up to challenges.


There is only one wrong aspect when something is about to change in my life: I get hurt and have to experience a period of pain. Unfortunately, I am not speaking of emotional pain only, but of true physical pain. This time my upper right leg muscle is not well. Yesterday, when I was about to run, my muscle reacted like an electrical charge. I should be a little less eager for changes because, at this rate, I’m going to end up in some hospital bed… or worse.


Pain is something I have to deal with and move on. I am even learning to enjoy it a bit, though I must stress I am not a masochist. I just don’t mind the pain as I used to because I discovered that it is in the middle of it the most extraordinary things happen.


Today three strange events confirmed my theory: 1) I was writing a short story involving number 88. Because I needed a new page, I asked Andy if he could get me a new one. He went to his room and took a page from his own account book. I use it to write the end of my story and only after ending a line at the end of the page, where I wrote the number 88, I could see that the page given to me was page number 88 of that account book. If it sounds complicated, I can make it easier to understand: it was just one of the curious coincidences happening from time to time. 2) Even with my leg hurt, I decided to walk for a while during the afternoon on the Marginal where I witnessed a strange ritual. Three family members of someone who died on the sea, or even on the Marginal, decided to commemorate the deceased birthday (I am guessing) on the Marginal wall. How did they do it? Throwing food to the sea. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a birthday cake or something of that kind, but I saw them throw 4 dozens of eggs, a bottle of champagne, chips, cookies, and God knows what else! I don’t know why but I found myself thinking of Inhambane victims… 3) Finally, a third thing happened in front of me bringing back a medium term project forgotten in some corner of my mind.


Happiness is super but can make us a little blind. On the contrary, pain is a good learning school. Having said that, I think I would rather be blind.