Morning Highlights – Concerns



No matter how late I sleep, I like to wake up at a particular hour. Each morning my bedroom window opens to a different world.


Today it opened with a comment about the weather. ‘It’s so hot! Better stay on bed!’ Feels so strange to hear this that I wake up for real. Surprised, of course! Hearing someone encouraging your morning laziness is quite unusual. Worried, of course! Concerns on global weather issues are particularly grave in countries like Mozambique. What recently happened in Inhambane should leave some world leaders sleepless for a good while. If they can’t change a lot in short term, better do something to repair the effects down here. Why not a regional agency specialized in prevention, training and distribution of resources, mainly involving countries subject to weather contingencies such as Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Reunion Island and South Africa?


Perhaps Al Gore deserves all the applauses that he recently received. February is ending and it looks like we have an endless summer in front of us. However, if we keep our actions at applause level we may fry very soon.