Morning Highlights – A Cook and a Spider



This is the third consecutive morning set off with hasty sun and informative talk. The difference is that this time the topic is not the weather but professional prospects, good ones.


Starting the morning with the right subject must be equivalent of entering in a new place with your right foot. At least for me was, and if the principle confirms in more occasions, here we have another saying to follow: if you want your problems sorted, start your day with the right talk!


What really happened of good during this day? For what I can remember right now:
1) I confirmed an appointment, something I was postponing for weeks;

2) I gave the first steps to start my English classes. How does it sound a two hours exam in twenty days?
3) I had to comfort JP after our guarda George made him an extreme haircut. In the end, I had to tell him the true: ‘No girls for a month!’
4) I had fun and supported Andy’s new interest.
5) I could notice at least one extraordinary thing.


About Andy’s new interest:
Our lunch was a kind of risotto, we could call it an “African risotto” using shellfish and lots of piri-piri. If it sounds delicious to you I can tell it tastes delicious too. Andy decided to take charge of the kitchen in order to make the risotto extra hot. Happy with his initiative, he sat and told us: “I would not mind to attend a cooking school!” He opened the newspaper and the first thing he saw was an advertisement for a month cooking course. Can you believe it? He called right away. He is quite enthusiastic and we are unconditionally supportive. I don’t think he wants to be a cook. I rather think he wants new experiences. In any case, another professional helping hand is always welcomed, especially in a house with a gourmet like Paul.


About today’s extraordinary thing:
After lunch, a little spider was walking on my right shoulder. I like spiders but I don’t want them to use my body as a highway, if you know what I mean. So, I gently tried to take it away with my hand and put it on the wall. No way! The little creature decided to glue to my hand and only after a long conversation between the two of us it glided straight from my hand to the floor using its web line with elegance. “Thanks for the wall but I walk on the same ground as you do!” I almost could hear that. “OK! I won’t forget it!” I wanted to reply. With me spiders are going to decide where they want to stay.