Best of February



My best of February could be a lie told to me during a couple of days, a lie I truly believed not because I needed that lie to feel flattered but because I wanted it, even knowing that the chances of being a lie or something happening in the domain of the impossible were strong.


My best of February could be a trip to a seaside village where it is possible to do things that I like with tranquility and privacy. At the same time, when we feel like going out, the place is not so far from modern commodities like movies and restaurants.


My best of February could be other little pleasant things, like going to Zongoene with JP. Though, I am passing all that for what I lived during the second part of this month. If I survive, as I think I will, I shall be much stronger than I was before. I also guess that, in days time, I am going to have back the freedom that I need and deserve.


Meanwhile, I have to report that this afternoon, while writing, I had my second noticeable therapeutical cry of my entire life. I guess it has something to do with NB wedding and JP leaving tomorrow or Tuesday to Durban. After letting off the steam, I ended up thinking that I should start posting about the worst of the month too.