People From The Sea – TV Soap



Summer is ending but don’t cry for us because the weather is better than before: warm enough to enjoy the same we have been doing and at the same time fresher. We are all tanned, even if not as much as in previous years. No boat = less sun.


Even though I am sure I’ll keep following the “seven divers” adventures, I am a little curious about new subjects for wintertime.


Sometimes I feel as if I were writing some kind of TV soap. Will JP continue to dive in Gulf of Mexico waters or will he settle as a supervisor in Durban, next to his big friendly boss? Will Andy ever be a good cook or will he just be able to impress the girls? Will Ti and Co be able to come out with a new album in 2007? Will Paul stop eating too much and find a different interest? Will NB be happily married ever after? Will Vic finish his Law degree? Will Jo decide what he wants to do with his life: cook, dive or firefighting? Will Seabell definitively improve her language skills? Will any of them ever find one day a sunken treasure? Will Mozambique end up a paradise or continue to be just another African country immerse in a sea of problems?


Answers from the next chapter on