A Wedding or a Car?



People are almost like fruit. Take for instance NB. He went to Gulf of Mexico already with an objective in mind: get money to pay the expenses of his wedding. Easy said, easy done. He is married by now but as the resort where they where supposed to spend the honeymoon was devastated by recent cyclone Favio the hotel paid the difference to send them to a further north destination, as far as I know even better than Bazaruto.


Now look at JP. The day he knew that he was in for Gulf he went to a car dealer and picked a very expensive vehicle. Due to customs, it will arrive in two months or so.


When I compare NB and JP attitudes, it’s more than a simple case of having a steady girlfriend or not. I am sure that even in affirmative case JP wouldn’t want to be married by now. After comparing them, my wicked side started to wonder what is going to last more: NB’s marriage or JP’s car? And don’t think it’s horrible to say that! If I am writing this it’s because I have my reasons. Divorce, like many other things, run in the family. If you know what I mean…


Anyways, I was telling you that people are almost like fruit. Some ripen sooner than others, some never!