At least for me, Mondays have always a special “taste” of beginnings. Yesterday that “taste” was particularly strong. As soon as I was aware of that sensation, the lines of a Portuguese song came to my mind: “This is the first day/Of what is left of my life”.


We returned from the street at the same time Andy was returning from his cooking classes. (I wonder if after cooking he would like dancing classes too?) He seems happy because his solitude has been compensated with a brand new silvery speed toy. I can’t complain myself either, because I have new things too.


The best thing is to be fit again. JP told me that I would sleep a lot because of muscle growing and that has been happening lately. It is enough to read two lines of a book or massage a little of moisturizing cream to put me “snoozing” for hours and hours, at any time of the day. With my new sleeping regime and all the plans I have for the next months, I’ll need a very strong will to write. Nevertheless, a daily post is just another way of keeping my mind as busy as my body.