I sincerely had the intention to spare you the depressive subject of corruption. Unfortunately, I cannot let this one escape. It’s too tempting!


I’ve been talking about the case of the Mozambican driver’s license bid. The enterprise awarded presented a price double superior of the other bidder. The general reaction was suspecting of a plain case of local corruption. We were all so wrong!


When we admit that we can be wrong we start to learn new things. What I learned in all this process is that there are two kinds of corruption in Africa: a) The unauthorized and because of that “reproachable corruption”; b) The superiorly consented, “acceptable corruption”. In this particular case, I am talking about Washington permission and I am going to explain.


The question is that the major financial institution came out with a report stating that the company who has lost the bid is not regarded as capable of doing the job. With this position, the institution itself not only justifies the impudent decision taken but places itself in the heart of the problem.


Though I cannot tell a lot about the matter, I can satisfy those who might be asking by now: “Isn’t it possible that they are right when they talk about the loser’s incompetence?”


When I want to prove that my position is right or something deserves my attention, I usually gather at least three strong reasons to be so. In this case, the reasons seem to be stronger enough: 1) If the loser is so incompetent, why the awarded company contacted them to do the job? 2) How can a company representing in Mozambique the major international enterprise producing documents, and covered by their warranty, be qualified as incapable? 3) How can a company producing bank and travel documents for almost all Southern African countries, without a single complain in terms of quality and security, be held as incompetent?


Never mind. If you hear from time to time accounts of corruption in Africa, please be a little comprehensive from now on. As it seems, the stories of corruption that we all hear are only the tip of the iceberg. The true corruption is miles and miles away from Africa.



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  1. How a government could approve such bid when is always asking for financial aid? In fact, here is a hidden cat with his tail totally out!

  2. That’s how it looks to me and that’s why I keep writing about it. It really upsets me! Anyway, your “tail is totally out” too, Jupiter, as I’ve just discovered who you are.

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