Shark Attack



It would be nice to know that shark attacks only happen in movies. Unfortunately, we have all the real life stories of attacks in South Africa to remember us that they are more than a movie theme.


In Mozambique there are just a few fatal cases reported. One of them happened in Bilene. We don’t remember details, just the general situation that ended as a tragedy involving sharks in Mozambique.


It was a young couple that liked spear fishing. They rented a rubber boat and went diving at 1 or 2km maximum from Bilene channel. They spear fished for a while, keeping bleeding fish inside the boat. When they intended to return, the motor wasn’t working. They had to do something because they knew that nobody would come for them.


Now we have two different ideas about the rest. To Paul, the woman decided to swim to the coast and was immediately attacked and killed by sharks. As far as I can remember, she was paddling with her legs to make the boat move and approach the coast when she was killed. Whoever is right, the fate of that young woman was the same. Our recent visit to Bilene brought back this sad episode involving a shark attack in Mozambique.