Morning Highlights – Dress Code



I’ve been asking a lot from my body since it’s the only part of me responding well. I’m starting to feel myself again and after that it’s just a question of time. What I really ask of my body is gigantic: to cure my mind and to pacify my soul. I don’t know if that is going to happen. Right now I feel so tired that any thing is possible.


Wednesday was my day out. Paul and Andy are very protective, still I fight for some space of my own. The next morning Paul wake me up with his usual concerns and daily news. According to him, a debate around the unexpected tide flooding down parts of the town was organized.


The big holes on the Marginal were also a subject. Paul said that at a certain point someone announced something like this: “We shouldn’t repair the damage. What has to be done is: the developed countries should stop polluting immediately!” The guy may be right but imagine what would happen if his “do nothing theory” got more adepts than the already existing.


Friday, as soon as I opened my eyes I was remembered we were supposed to do something we don’t do for ages: clubbing! We were invited to a restricted party organized by a cell company. The first part we had drinks and a really good South African DJ. The second part it was a live show with two Mozambican modern dance groups, followed by two different DJ’s using cell phones to produce the sound, more drinks and snacks.


It was a great victory to convince Paul to go out and stay for at least two hours. I know the party went on because Andy returned the next day at 7am. Step by step! Somehow Paul knows that I could have more fun if we stayed longer because today he came to me with the idea of returning to Ponta do Ouro.


This is what I learned last night: 1) If we go out with the intention of having fun, better go at 11pm or even later. 2) Local dress code for dancing, at least in Mozambique, is white. It makes sense due to the climate and also because with white you are visible. If I intend to go out from time to time, I do have to change a few things about my wardrobe!!!