It is the second time since I write in this space that I have urgently to change something in my life. The last time I felt like this, on a very wise move I ended up approaching my sister.


Last Tuesday I was feeling down to the point of no more way down to go. Only good things happened over the week yet I never felt 100% well. To make things worse, I returned to the old pattern of trying to feel better by eating mille-feuilles and chocolate marzipan.


We had a quiet weekend. I watched movies and slept well. The rest is what I qualify as a classical Sunday: facing hot weather, preparing tomato soup, going out for lunch, having a nice chat with Emmanuel, clams, prawns, blue photos, organizing a few things upstairs during Paul’s siesta, walking and so on.


To avoid boredom (hopefully), I’m planning a much more interesting week: 1) Start cleaning and organizing things for the next season, something requiring little effort because we don’t have a real winter; 2) Doing my English exam. 3) Keep writing; 4) Pick Ti in Nelspruit; 5) Photograph the demolition of the Four Seasons Hotel tower building, witch was never finished and has been a ghostly presence in the Costa do Sol area. 6) And, above all, stop eating sugar because that depresses me.