Freedom and a Rose



Monday afternoon, while I was busy going up and down, I could hear pieces of Brazilian television. From a gossip program, for instance, I learned about a certain movie star who is keeping his wife locked at home. Minutes later they were talking about a grandfather who kept his one year old grandson in the backyard with collar and lead next to three dogs, one of them a pit bull. Someone alerted the police who acted in favor of the child. When asked, both grandfather and mother defended such cruelty. Revolting! What is the problem of some people with freedom?


That same evening, inspired by a sudden urge of freedom, I went to the cinema with Andy and a friend. We watched Babel, a movie with important messages told in a powerful language.


At some point of my afternoon conversation with Andy, he asked me:


“Have you seen my rose?”


“Rose? What rose?” I replied.


It was only then that I saw the sugar-rose he was showing me with pride in his voice:


“I’ve done it!”


I couldn’t avoid smiling because learning that Andy, a macho type of guy, has done a rose for a cake is one of the few hilarious things that I came across lately. Coming from him it’s really difficult to digest. But the main aspect is that, to our surprise, he is persevering with those cooking lessons.


And when I questioned how the rose was made, he told me in a very good mood:


“Secrets of the job”‘



2 thoughts on “Freedom and a Rose

  1. Tenho a foto, mas estou com problemas neste espaço. Devo ter feito uma das minhas usuais asneiras. Já calculava que ias reagir, uma vez que conheces bem o Andy. Eu fiquei espantada! O curso acabou hoje, mas ele vai ter umas aulas suplementares porque deu algumas faltas. Amanhã escrevo sobre o meu exame. Não comemos. Vai ficar como souvenir.

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