Maritime Tragedies (II)



Last Saturday, when most of us were doing plans for a special Sunday, a tragedy happened at Bilene lagoon, a place where we have been not long ago. It was like this: a group of people rented a small motorboat to go and return from the other side of the lagoon, where a ceremony was taking place.


During the crossing back to the village, the boat turned due to bad weather. This kind of situation is not uncommon. On the contrary, keeps happening again and again. Usually it is one of the boats from the lodge that is sent in rescue of the boat in distress.


I personally witnessed a similar case. Unfortunately, this time help arrived a little late. When the rescue boat reached the disaster site, 4 people had already disappeared. Tragedies do happen, but some are avoidable! Take the case of Bilene lagoon, a known tourist destination. Despite all the risk that people take while enjoying different sports or just crossing to the other side for various purposes, there is no rescuing boat or any other organized service. As always, people have to rely on the private sector operating in the region, a provisory and irregular answer.