I like trees. Despite the fact that I studied one year of agricultural engineering, I don’t know about the subject more than any common mortal. What I like about trees is the similarity that they have with humans. If we compare a tree with another tree, they can have some identical traces but that’s all. There are no replicas. Each tree is graceful, useful and have its own personality.


For months I had this idea of photographing Costa do Sol old trees. The other day I noticed they started to cut what is left of destroyed trees, so I had to rush before those vestiges of the nature strength and men’s lethargy disappear.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures from the beach and had to settle for the possible. I think next week I can carry on with my project. Most of the trees are casuarinas, a good type to stop the action of erosion.


Even though I was expecting a lot of destruction, I wasn’t prepared to find tree cemeteries in various areas of the beach. It was devastating to see it I think I felt the same or near what people feel inside a regular cemetery.


In a question of months, in the place where those trees where planted, we are going to find walls of concrete and stone, as it’s already possible to see in some parts. Give them time and instead of the Costa do Sol that we all know we are going to have something very close to a desert.