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If you read this space, you must have already guessed that my best of April is Macaneta. We have been there over and over again, and two weeks ago we returned to that beach for one night stay.


We couldn’t enjoy the experience completely, the sea was too strong to swim as we like and the lodge wasn’t up to our taste. Anyway, a toast to the coming season is always a moment to remember.


With the situation in Costa do Sol getting worse and worse every summer due to the crowds, Macaneta appears as a second best option. We tried to go there for several occasions in the last couple of months but we had to give up owing to the line of cars waiting for the ferryboat.


If someone really intends to do something in order to transform Macaneta in a valid destination, it has to start doing it right away. Here are a couple of suggestions: 1) Improving Marracuene aspect by giving a purpose to that village; 2) A bridge or another ferry would be handy; 3) Above all, the actual situation of the dirty road has to change. 4) Capture a little of investment to the place, because local entrepreneurship offer very little to attract tourism.



3 thoughts on “Best of April

  1. A praia da Macaneta é realmente um sítio bonito e estou plenamente de acordo que se devem tomar as medidas que aponta.

  2. I love the thought that instead of all the Brits going to the Costa del Sol, Spain for their holidays, they’ll come to Mozambique! Most of the people that go to the Costa del Sol wouldn’t know where Mozambieque was, let alone be able to get there.

    However, the thought conjured up in the mind is a very jolly one and I must say that they could do a lot worse than coming to Macaneta. Let’s start a new trend …

  3. Helen
    Although I suspect that you are taking Costa del Sol-Spain for Costa do Sol-Mozambique, both too crowded for people enjoying space and privacy, be sure that Mozambique is going to be a major destination in the future. Take for instance the investment made by a British company in the unique Santa Carolina island. I am looking forward to return to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!

    Hi, Apolo!

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