Soft Lights



I’ve been living under a spell I thought to be a good one but suddenly discovered it was only bad. So I set myself free. A couple of days later Paul noticed my peaceful mood and even a nicer color on my cheeks. I am enjoying my new freedom!


Relatively the spell thing, I am this kind of person with a conscience. If something unpleasant happens to me, my only concern is taking precautions to avoid that other people suffer the same. I don’t want to hurt anybody. I just want to prevent people from being hurt. For me, this spell ended two weeks ago. In technical terms, it can take a little longer to solve a few aspects.


Feeling great led to new experiences. One of them was spinning, something I wanted to try for a long time. I arrived early at the gym, inscribed myself for the class and waited. When the hour came, I climbed to the first floor and entered in the now familiar gymnasium.


The teacher is a young Mozambican lady. Before giving us some specific instructions, she looked at me and at another new spinning candidate with a certain air of condolences. Minutes later we understood her sympathy. She turned the lights to soft, as if it was for a romantic dinner and said:


“Today we are going to do a lot of mountain! Let’s start!” And with these almost shouted sentences the class began. Fifteen of us, half male half female, started to sweat under her command and “don’t go sleeping now” kind of tune.


I don’t have words to describe how “finished” I was after one hour of spinning. I never felt so tired in my entire life. My legs trembled uncontrollably. At my side, a spinning colleague was sweating so much that a pool was quickly forming on the ground. This is the kind of activity I cannot share with Paul due to his high blood pressure condition, definitively.


“How I missed it!” the lady teacher explained at the end. “Last week we didn’t had this class and I was looking forward for the push.”


Some from the group left congratulating the teacher for her drive. I left speechless. Even if I wanted to say something I wouldn’t be able, the way I was concentrated in avoiding the shaking motion or even collapsing on the floor. That’s my luck! That’s my life! I just hope that next time I opt for spinning the teacher feels a little less enthusiastic. Nothing else.



2 thoughts on “Soft Lights

  1. Spinning! I looooove spinning! I’ve had many different teachers “Carolina the barbie” was my fovourite, closely followed by “Priscilla queen of the desert and now “Mario brother, lover of mountains”. There is nothing like the feeling after working hard in a spinning class. Welcome to the world of spinning, its an addiction.

  2. My legs will never be the same after that spinning class! The question is: are they going to change for the better or for the worse? I truly understand why you feel like giving “names” to your spinning instructors. How about “Nisha, the mountain addicted”?

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