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Living today and knowing that a couple of generations ago my ancestors were related with kings, queens, princes and wicked witches is simply amazing. Last year I started to write a few lines about what I knew of my family, not with publishing objectives but with the idea of informing my children.


I was in the process of reconstituting a couple of things my mother told me about her father (my grandfather), when suddenly I remembered a rather disturbing fact: my grandfather had a sister who was one of the last powerful Portuguese witches.


I feel a certain curiosity about her, but I could never be proud or interested in her fate. Actually, for what my mother described, she acted more like a contracted assassin than the usual herbs and prayers connaisseur.


She had two assistants and people of her time swore that when she had a “job” the three of them used the sticks of their brooms to fly to the unfortunate region. When they were leaving people could hear them laughing wildly and singing a song.


Maybe because she was closer to the spirit of those things than I am, my mother was a very superstitious lady. I know almost all the superstition rules but I don’t play by them. I do respect other people ideas and believes but I don’t care much about superstitions.


I play a little bit with the superstition thing, using the good part of it. For instance, “never kill a spider because it brings bad luck”. I would never kill a spider, of course, not for the luck but for the little creature’s sake. When a spider crosses my path, I usually greet it with nice words like: ‘Hi spider, will you bring me something good today?’


If I was in the mood of being more into superstitions and witchcraft, I would be in a good position to progress in that field. For a start, my grandfather passed to my mother the words and tune of the killing song my grandaunt used to sing and, according to popular belief, that song for itself was enough to kill the intended victim. My mother, for her turn, passed the words to me. Can you believe I had forgotten everything until recently?


The total words of the song are 13 and the song has to be repeated endlessly until it causes the pretended damage. As I understood, it should be interrupted by evil vicious laughter only. The song is like this:


– – –


– – –


– ? ? ?


– – –


Each trace (-) represents a word. The three ??? must clearly state who is the person to disappear from the list of the living. Well, you have to be curious about those words.


Maybe I’ll tell them one day to my own daughter. Or maybe I’ll erase from my memory such awful old song. One thing is for sure: I wish my grandaunt had left us a witch song to stop war, insensibility, stupidity, cowardice, sordidness, lack of humanity and unlimited ambition.



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  1. I have been meaning to ask you about this great-aunt. When I am cooking, I always remember you telling me she always cooked very nice food in small pots.

  2. Regarding the killing spell, shocking as it may sound my only question is why 3 ?, must the person have 3 names?

    A peace spell would be a nice one to have… if she knew one she probably wouldnt have needed the killing one.

    And I also dont kill spiders, at least not on purpose. In fact, I like having them around… and find it hard to even clean their cobwebs. Or maybe I am just lazy ;o)

  3. Hi Chanda, It´s a very good point. Why should someone use such killingspell if she had any other way? What I want do say is that you can´t stop the “meanness”. (Chanda, gostei do teu ponto de vista. Acho que o queres dizer é: Porque usar uma arma “má”, para lutar contra aquilo que nao está certo. Quem nos dá o direito da própria Justica? Devemos esgotar todas as outras “armas” á nossa disposicao, nao acham?

  4. Hi, Chanda. The question about the three ???: we have to use at least two names and another kind of information. For instance: doctor P. Stuart. I am a little curious if Isa remembers this “tale” from the past.

    (Escrevi isto na primeira semana de Novembro, altura em que costumo lembrar-me de conversas com a minha “mama”.)

  5. Confesso que agora também fiquei curiosa…É uma pena eu ter uma memória de “galinha”. Mas lembro-me perfeitamente das cruzes da mae (com duas tiras de papel) quando queria que alguem regressasse a casa depressa, etc. Ainda guardo no meu porta-moedas uma espécie de oracao, que ela, sem eu saber, me escondeu na minha mala, para me proteger, em Maio de 1973, quando fui para Londres. Seja como for, o tema é muito interessante. Na realidade seria muito bom que os problemas deste Mundo se conseguissem resolver com fórmulas, oracoes ou cancoes. Pessoalmente, eu gostava de saber essa cancao…Só para experimentar numa pessoa que eu cá sei. Nao é por nada, era só para ver se funcionava… Ah! Ah!Ah! Acho que a Chanda está a fazer confusao. A tia que cozinhava muito bem, mas em quantidades “minúsculas”, era a mulher do tio Domingos. Por conseguinte, uma tia nossa, ou seja uma tia-avó dela. Quantos às aranhas que aparecem cá por casa, eu também nao as mato, apanho-as com uma pá e deito-as para o jardim.

  6. Afinal sempre te vais recordando de algumas coisas, como por exemplo da mulher do tio Domingos. Tens toda a razao. Acho que eu me limitei a “guardar” aspectos do passado que cativaram a minha imaginacao. Tenho a certeza que se te disser as primeiras palavras te vais recordar, nem que seja vagamente. Grande responsabilidade ter memorizado isso! Como estava o bolo do Niki? Boa noite!

  7. O bolo estava óptimo, pelo menos “desapareceu” depressa. Uma pena nao o teres provado. Talvez um dia…Boa noite seabell!

  8. Realmente devo ter feito confusão. O que quer dizer que não me lembro de ter ouvido falar da tia bruxa.

    Também me lembro das cruzes que a avó fazia, apesar de nao me lembrar da razao – é bom saber agora, pode fazer jeito no futuro. Eu também tenho uma das oracoes dela na minha mesa.

    Seria realmente uma pessoa má essa tia bruxa ou uma pessoa que satisfazia os desejos maldosos de outros? Ou vitima da supersticao dos vizinhos?

    Parabéns ao Niki!

  9. I don’t see the difference. If you make a pact with bad people or if you satisfy the worst desires of others, then you are just like them.

  10. Chanda, obrigada pelos parabéns que serão transmitidos. Seabell, I think you are absolutly right! This theme seems to be really “hot” for us. I just wonder why?…

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