Cooking and Diving



We left two of our dear divers at Mavalane airport some days ago. Destination: Durban. JP and Jo left to South Africa with great expectations in terms of future jobs – well paid future jobs. In reality, the situation has not been easy for both because they were in standby due to the uncertainty of tasks in Mozambique.


The day they left JP was in a particular bad mood. I was wondering why, when Jo turned to him to remember:


‘Ei, JP! Have you forgotten that today is your cooking day?’


‘Yucky!’ he just replied.


‘His cooking day?’ I wanted to know.


‘Yes’ Jo explained. ‘Each one of us cooks two meals per week. JP always cooks beans stew or tuna salads. The worst is NB since he only knows how to cook creamy chicken and mushrooms.’


‘That means you are eating creamy chicken with mushrooms twice a week, every week. You must be tired of that. At least you know how to cook, don’t you?’ I inquired.


‘Yes. But we could use a few new recipes,’ confessed Jo.


That’s how I got myself the job of finding easy tasty recipes for the boys…