Tae Bo



I learned a saying which proved to be accurate in several occasions: the first time something happens to us it can be a pleasant surprise or a tragedy; the second time, it is a joke; the third, it is fate. That’s why I wasn’t surprised at all when the doctor told me that my right leg had a muscle problem, severe enough to leave me out of the spinning group for a long time.


The moment I knew it I had to pick a different activity. I was so disappointed that simply decided to go for the closest class in terms of schedule. It was tae bo. Until recently I had never heard about it. I watched 5 minutes of the class from a window and decided pro because it looked very energetic.


Now that I already started it, I can say that fate sometimes opens doors we usually would never open, despite being the right doors. I just love it. First of all, tae bo is a great complement to dance. Secondly, it makes me feel great. The teacher speaks Spanish, so I am guessing she is Cuban. She is very lean and muscular. She was very careful in correcting our positions, especially the way to punch. As I see it, our tae bo class mixes a quick light boxing with aerobics. I am in!


When I told Paul about my tae bo option, he just replied: ‘It sounds like food!’


I was a little surprised until I found myself remembering the only restaurant in the world I trust enough to eat Chinese food. I could almost smell and taste some of its exquisite fragrant dishes. That’s when I understood the tae bo food connection. It’s the bow tie