Active Winter



Sometimes African winter can be unexpectedly severe due to cold fronts and other meteorological variations. The hardship of winter is not only felt in terms of degrees but also in humidity, especially inside houses in general poorly equipped for cold weather. In SA, for instance, 60 people already died in consequence of last week extreme cold.


Even though we have been facing the first cold period of this year, the curious is that outside is always gloriously bright. The remedy is to keep busy where the sun shines. For now my weekly plan for the winter include: 1) Three days of afternoon walking. 2) Three days of afternoon running. 3) Morning dance class, sometimes followed by aerobics or step. 4) Once a week, tae bo in the afternoon. 5) Early morning walks on the beach.


The last item is doing wonders to my mood. At least once a week, we step out of bed for a long walk on the now almost desert local beach. The effect of seaside walking is completely different from other versions of the same activity. It boosts our energy and brings back that unique summer feeling.


Our main plans for this winter are scheduled for the month of September: a) A seven to ten days family reunion in one of the beaches already described in this space. b) Seven to ten days of French channels crossing in a rented boat (kind of Rick Stein expedition), with daughter, son Andy and a couple of friends. c) Around 12 days in Portugal to visit close family.


As you can see, plenty to do for the time being. Who cares about front colds?