Mozambique reminds me of a puzzle with numerous pieces, some of them being small slices of paradise. Take for instance the Marginal in Maputo. Any first timer can’t help to marvel at the sight. It is impossible to feel indifferent.


A week ago we went there and were captivated at once by the intriguing quietness of the bay and the soft colors of the new season. It wasn’t only us. In fact, the place was crowded with excited fishermen expecting a lot from this new face of the bay. Actually, the sea has been so peaceful – the so called “mar espelho” or mirror like sea – that some decided to adventure into places where usually nobody dares.


Well, the good news from Marginal is not only this good mood of the sea and the pastel colors on the horizon but also witnessing the new drive of fishermen and a few other changes. Now we have space to walk because cars can’t park any longer near the sea. Parking cars was one of the reasons appointed to explain the big holes opening all long the Marginal. Bad news for cars, good news for people.


We left Marginal with the intention of returning soon. Despite all the good, there were also upsetting aspects revealed by the cold weather, the quiet sea and the absence of wind, like pollution in the water and in the air, especially on the horizon, near Matola, where the factories are situated.



To be continued