Feng Shui



Some time ago, a lady friend that I haven’t seen for a long time visited me. She came inside our house and after a while she looked a little puzzled. I saw her disapproving look directed towards my duck collection.


Before leaving, she asked me how was my relation with my husband. ‘Fine’, I answered with astonishment. I was avoiding asking why but she explained her concern to me anyway.


‘Do you know that you are wrong having all these ducks at home? Feng Shui says that it is ok to have two ducks. If you have more, you are asking for trouble.’


‘Trouble?’ I said showing genuine surprise.


‘Yes, trouble. That means you will have lots of boyfriends and male attention around you’. Having said that, she left with her wise manner, leaving me speechless at the entrance door.


I should have walked to the gate and say: ‘But the ducks are my husband’s present!’


What the heck! Or should I say quack?