A Different Walk



Paul and I are the most faithful walking duo in this town. Our walking days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday and our favorite walking place still is Miradouro. Last Thursday, when we arrived at Miradouro for our usual walk, we were greeted by stunning pinks and blues on the horizon. Lately, these two soft tones are substituting the usual end of afternoon reds and oranges. It is no longer summer and the best way to feel that it is looking at the bay.


There are less people on the streets, but it is possible to find other groups of walking aficionados. As a result of less people, business is slow for some. We found a curious meeting going on at one of Miradouro benches. Five street vendors decided to get together and discuss with enthusiasm their common concerns. It was really interesting watching them, especially because they had put on the ground, all around the bench, the rectangular cartoons where they carry chips, chocolate and a few other things that they sell from one extreme of Miradouro to the other. It was like saying: “This is a private meeting!” I had never seen such curious professional gathering.


During the same walk we had the surprise of crossing with one of the finest bachelors I know in this town: Andy! Perhaps due to the cold weather, he decided to be active and is biking almost at the same time as we walk. It was nice to see him doing some exercise too.


Our walks last usually a little more than one hour. When we leave Miradouro, the battle of pinks and blues in the sky is already won by the blues. To our left side, where the bay lies, it is only possible to see shades of blue wrapped on some grey mist. The moon shines very bright on the sky and designs a perfect silvery path on the water. The bay is turning into a gigantic silver mirror reflecting the small lights coming from numerous charming fishing boats.