Do You Believe In Fairy Tales?



I do, I definitively do! And I am so excited that I am afraid to step over my own words and not be able to tell what happened. Take a deep breath! Another one! Go!


We all have dreams: big dreams, small dreams, tangible dreams, impossible dreams… I am about to realize what I can qualify as a big tangible dream. Recently I had to make a decision. If it depended on me, I would never hurt another human being – even if he was not a good human being. But I lost control over the situation and now what is done is done. I usually like direct approaches and the useful words “no” and “yes”. But if I still had doubts about my position they would be completely vanished by now. A couple of days after that decision a real count offered me the opportunity of realizing a dream.


My life was very marked by the two years I’ve spent in a very special island in the Indian Ocean. Two days ago I went to a photographic exhibition about that island because I never miss an event related to the place where I had so much fun. In my next post I will tell you about that exhibition.


Since I left the island with 6 years old I never returned there. It has been a dream so many times told, so many times weighed up… However, the opportunity never appeared. It is not so easy to travel inside Mozambique due to the long distances and other logistic aspects. Besides, we got used to South Africa – so near and so appealing. Even though the number one place I would like to visit in the whole world is in Mozambique, for too many reasons to tell I could never do it.


Today, in the middle of the afternoon, we had a meeting with a real-life count. Though I had forgotten that, princes and counts are supposed to realize good girls’ dreams. It was just another work meeting, nothing impressive except for the fact of our interlocutor being a German count. But then Seabell spent seven years in a boarding school where two in three had what strangely is called sangue azul, “blue blood”. The count, as I was expecting, is a personification of simplicity and very friendly. The meeting was almost over when he popped the invitation to the island where he develops his professional activity. Since then I can’t stop smiling. I shall twist my mouth, still I don’t care. How could someone about to realize a dream stop smiling? Just tell me how!


(Since I posted about my eczema a couple of people contacted me to ask about it. For two months now I don’t have a single crisis, a good proof that the reason of stressing is gone. I truly believe I don’t have to worry with it any more.)


Photo from the exhibition “The Island – In Black & Color”



5 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Fairy Tales?

  1. Hey, Seabell, I was just reading through some of your blog. I enjoyed this. I love when dreams are realized. I know what that is like. Really. Anyway, that is so cool for you.

  2. Dear Seabell, I do believe but till today nome of my dreams came through. I am happy for you and hope you enjoy it. I wish I could be there with you too, like many years ago _ so many I can hardly remember…

  3. Dan
    Thank you so much. In a week I’ll be there. I am afraid I am going to cry a lot since this journey is very important to me. I am sure something is going to change in me, for the better I hope. Seabell

    I have two incredible opportunities: 1) Somehow work for the monarchy, just like our maternal grandfather for the last Queen. 2) Return to the island you hardly remember but I do as if it was yesterday. I am e-mailing more details soon. Seabell

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