In Black & White



From time to time, this town offers some new attraction to put a touch of color in our black & white lives. This week we went to the photographic exhibition “The Island – In Black & Color”. The exhibition room is one of the best in town: spotless, well illuminated and even perfumed (literally). Despite a few mistakes, the exhibition catalogue is very attractive and complete, documenting in full the two photographers showed. To all this I must add that the island in question is not any island but the island where I lived from 4 to 6 years old.


Now the expected critique: despite very well organized, I don’t think this exhibition was entirely successful. We watched an interesting film-documentary about the island but the main attraction, as you may guess, was the photographers’ work. I am not going to detail the negative aspects I could note. It is enough to tell that in general they don’t present anything new in terms of what has been already told in photography about the island: the same faces, the same views, the same old buildings… They document day-to-day life in the island where I started to dream of princesses, knights, treasures and sea adventures.


It is not regrets what I felt. I am so tired of such feelings! It is not the changes making me say no to the exhibition. I try to be objective in terms of judgment and two other people agree with me. Despite the efforts in following actual photographic concepts, there is a devastating sensation of poverty and limitation of subjects and creativity. The exception goes to a group of black & white photos. In that room, the color was simply in excess.