I Am Back!



Weeks ago, if I were writing about just returning from a trip to “My Island”, I wouldn’t believe it at all. But here I am writing precisely that. Though it seems amazing, it is real, and it feels great to know that reality can be so incredibly good.


Our destiny was Nampula, with stops in Beira and Quelimane. It is always tiresome when it is not a direct flight. We left last Saturday, right after lunch, and it was already night when we arrived in Nampula, where a driver was waiting for us. The road to the island is in good conditions but it was completely dark and because of that we could see very little of places with familiar names like Namialo, Monapo, etc. It was around 9pm when we finally entered the island. As I was too excited and tired, it seemed wise to eat something and leave all the action for the next day.