The streets of “My Island” are an endless way to discovery and adventure. That’s how I saw every single square meter of the island when I was a child, and that’s the way I still see it today. You never know what you may find the moment you turn a particular corner of the small town. The island is a paradise for children, dreamers, photographers and more.


I spotted an huge anchor abandoned on a street. My first thought was: “It must be there since years and years…” Wrong! Someone explained at once that the anchor had been discovered only two days ago by a group of fishermen. This is just an example why I say that the entire island is a museum.


Then you have the architecture and the diversity of beaches and landscapes for such small area! Expect the unexpected, like finding a large group of stray dogs lazily sleeping under some shadow, boats of all kinds and shapes, on the water or out of it, or the most amazing trees you can imagine. Last but not least, the colors, the sounds and the people producing them. This island is a never-ending world of discovery!