One of the most interesting aspects about living in Mozambique is the possibility of meeting so many different people inside the same country. In fact, the diversity of characteristics is a distinctive mark of Mozambicans. If you travel up north, at least to “My Island”, you are going to find happy careless people. Even though this seems to be a common aspect with other parts of Mozambique, in the island that is even more noticeable. And then it is impossible to forget a particular gentleness you can’t find anywhere else!


Another aspect of these particular islanders is the fact that they don’t sleep. Don’t ask me why but this is a common accepted fact. I think the explanation is a mix of sleeping outside their houses for small periods due to the hot dry weather and living from the fishing activity, usually during the night for the majority of the population, or going to bed late for partying or talking and wakening early (4am) for the first Muslim prayers. People live almost of nothing! Selling missanga necklaces or old coins from wrecks, machambas or old buildings, is the easy way of getting some cash, while hard work means fishing.


Here are some of the faces I could photograph: mother with baby Mario; Abdul 1; Abdul 2; missanga boy 1; missanga boy 2; missanga boy 3; brothers and sister living in ruins…