Traveling Back



Our flight back to Maputo was long, still a good one. We stopped in Lichinga, a first for Paul and I. I was quite surprised with the difference between the local landscape and the rest of the country. Lichinga is very agricultural and poorer in terms of infrastructures. It shouldn’t be like that at all. Another surprise was the weather. After landing on the main towns of this country with temperatures ranging from 23 to 26ºC, we were saluted by 14ºC and strong cold plateau winds!


Our second stop was in Beira, what represented a return to the 26ºC and no wind at all. It was a short stay on the second largest Mozambican town. We returned to the airplane to face another hour of a talkative passenger sitting not far from us. From Nampula to Lichinga he recommended three daily bananas to avoid baldness and grey hair, telling to the next passenger (and also to another 20 around) that he was eating 10 bananas at breakfast and that’s why he had strong dark hair all over his body. From Lichinga to Beira he described part of his exciting love life, including the fact that one of his previous wives couldn’t stand his hairy chest and so he had to keep his clothing on during the most intimate moments. From Beira to Maputo he described the second part of his love life. I am very sorry for not describing it to you since I couldn’t help sleeping from his first words on. The moment we landed in Maputo, and as the curtain separating the business class was opened most of the time, he just put his head a little further and exclaimed this amazing sentence:


‘I don’t understand why paying so much, if we all arrive at the same time!’


Back home we were greeted by Mr. Summer. It is incredible but during our absence the winter was gone. Except for one day really cold since our arrival, it looks like the new season is here. Still we have to be careful because, as I told before, local weather is kind of moody.