Drawing the Future



Here always existed a strong current in favor of letting the things roll, usually without a plan, or at least planning the less possible. Why? I am not sure but I believe it is because a plan means compromises and a vision sometimes requiring the courage to correct past errors.


We have been called to come up with ideas for the island I’ve been talking about. We already have a few. The first thing we have to recognize is the large number of people worrying about the island future. Because of that, our first proposal was the organization of a large conference on the island where all the interested parts should be included. From every single idea advanced it should be possible to draw a “plan” in order that in the future, whatever the “color in charge”, the island is not going to be under threat.


I have ideas my own ideas for the island. They are based on my love and interest for that unique place. Though they require money but, one has to look at it as an investment on the future. We all agree on a particular aspect: it is urgent to take firm steps to decrease the number of people actually living there. This is the start. After that it is just a question of having the necessary vision to conceive the right principles and the courage to implement them.