Once in a while, I have reasons to write about my quest. I am afraid that some of you may think that I am superficial because I have set for myself the goal of discovering a treasure. Maybe today you can understand a little better this dream that I have since a little girl living on a island where finding treasures is not so uncommon.


I also would like to explain that when I write “treasure” that doesn’t necessarily mean a chest full of gold coins and precious jewels. Sometimes a single coin is enough in terms of rarity or value. The other day, a guy could beat all the “heavy investors” in archeological exploration by discovering a simple vase worth… ten millions!


If at the beginning of August I could have write that I was 1km distant from getting an underwater treasure, I am glad to say that today I am 500m away from it!


Is this auspicious? Do I feel glad? Do I worry? Yes. Yes. Yes. I do worry not with my present but with the feelings that I may experience afterwards. Is it going to be over-exciting? Is it going to be a never-ending bliss? Or… Will I feel empty? Will I feel the tedium of a pasha of seven tails? One thing is for sure: this blog won’t be the same because I shall have to set another goal for myself. But that is going to be another quest, another time, another story…