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I don’t even know why I bother to tell what my best of July is! Do I really have to? Couldn’t you guess it at once? My best of July is our short stay on “My Island” and, unless something extraordinary happens in the next four months, this is also my best of 2007 for sure. I really would like to have another good surprise to tell you about, but Ilha de Moçambique is already such a good deed!


I am used to get what I “really want”. I underline the “really want” because I am able to differentiate what is important to me from what is secondary and act accordingly to that. I can give you a small example of my strong will. I was a good student, except on Physics and Mathematics. From my 9 years old to my 15 I had the same Math’s teacher, a nun called Telles. She was a good character, but she wasn’t able to make Math’s interesting to me. At 15 I decided to learn it all during my holidays. I was decided to turn my best 8 into a glamorous 18. I started private lessons with a schoolteacher living in the same neighbourhood. She was mad about Math’s and within a week she was able to pass that madness to me. During that first week she used two tricks that I still remember. They changed my relationship with Mathematics for good. She liked to gather her students at a round table. Most of the time we had excited red faces due to any specific Math’s discussion.


When my regular classes started, I had my 18 with ease. Mother Telles treated me with suspicion during ten days, when she decided to give us another test during which she was sitting at the closest desk on my left, testifying with open mouth my new Mathematical skills. Learning in two months what I couldn’t in six years was one of my great achievements. It felt so exquisitely good!



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  1. I also remember that lady. She was fantastic! I had 1 year of private lessons with her, before our second departure to Africa. Not only Math’s, but History, Geografy, etc. etc. But, of course, Mathematic was her “baby”. She used to give us 1 chocolate if we had one “bom”(good) or 2 chocolates if we had “muito bom” (very good). If we had “mediocre” then we had to give her 1 choc. and, finally, if we had “mau” we had to give 2 chocolates. That was a very interesting way to “trade” our knowledge. Today I still wonder how did she succeeded to make me almost “love” Math’s. That year I was one of the best students in that grade. Of course, without her, my hate for Math’s incresed again. So, I can understand very well the way you feel! Love, Isa

  2. I don’t think she used the chocolate with us that much… I remember how she was approachable, how I felt interested and how easy it was learning. She is a living proof that teaching is an art. I guess you enjoyed remembering her too!

  3. I was a holiday student, no time for chocolates! She organized two months lessons for students with difficulties in Math’s. It was unforgettable, anyway. Hugs. Seabell

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