Four Books


I think I’ve been a little disperse! I am used to read two books at the same time but never four. Usually I have a book to read at bedtime and another that I read during the day. Now I am with 4 in hand and that is not good.


I started one from my favorite bedtime writer, but usually I am so tired when I go to bed that I hardly can read a page of it. At this rate, I have a bedtime book until the end of the year!!!


Last December I started a book about photography. After four chapters, I just couldn’t read a single page more. I don’t feel a single desire of reading it. Am I picking the wrong books???


I received a fiction book as Christmas gift from a Mozambican writer. The plot is very interesting. The language appealing and easy to read… Nevertheless, I keep falling asleep at the first pages. When I return to it, I have to go back 10 pages or more because it involves so many characters that I forget who is who from one day to the next. This book tells the story of various individuals living in the same street. To avoid the repetitive reading, I keep a map where I have names, what they do and where they live. Isn’t this strange???


I was already feeling worried with myself because I am a voracious reader! I am used to start a book and read it in a blow. Recently I picked another book, an easy reading one that I almost finished during our last travel to South Africa. I avoid telling names because it looks like I am advertising places and products, but I can say that the author is a French woman. I never thought to find another person admitting an addiction to mille-feuilles! Besides, the life experiences and impressions of the writer in question are very similar to my owns. Finally I was reading a book like books should be read!!!


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  1. I love to read as well, but I am picky. I won’t finish a book that I’m not interested in. As for keeping a map of names with what they do and where they live, that’s completely normal! Really, it is. When I read Salman Rushdie’s Midnight Children I had a list because otherwise I was completely lost. By the way, it’s a very good book. Tell more about what kinds of books you like to read! I’m always looking for something new to read.

  2. You know something, SFS? After writing this text I started to enjoy the books I had in hand again. One of those crazy things! The only left behind is the one about photography. I am not a good book adviser because I don’t risk reading new authors. It is like a closed circle formed between favorites and I. Sometimes a newcomer enters the circle, when I am surprised with a book or a writer. I keep reading the same books and writers over and over again. In reality, what I really would like is to have more time to do the things that I like, including reading. Not long ago I finished Il Disprezzo of Alberto Moravia, a member of the circle… I just remembered how you are interested in Italy! I’ll give a try to Midnight Children and let you know what I think. Have a good week. Seabell

  3. Hey, Seabell! I honed in on this blog on books because I love books. I am usually reading at least two, sometimes as many as four. It may take years to get through some of them, though the lighter reading may take hours to days. I like to have some fiction while also having some nonfiction. I have to admit I have one book which I began some time ago, on the civil rights movement here in America in the late 50’s and 60’s; in fact, it has to do with what was taking place here in Nashville, Tennessee, where I live. I, of course, read in English and am reading a book published in 1984 which one the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for that year. I won’t advertise either. Good to speak with you, my friend. KP (Daniel)

  4. Oh yes, I might add that I am not afraid to NOT finish a book which is not doing anything for me. I try to find that out by chapter 2. Best to you.

  5. Yep! Sometimes we have to admit that we picked the wrong book. I am reading in French, Portuguese and English, no wonder I never learn one of them perfectly! Yesterday I have spent a great deal of time inside 3 bookstores trying to get some authors and couldn’t find a single one. It was such a disappointment! Next week I shall have a “poetry day”. Meanwhile, have a great weekend up there, in your Tennessee! Seabell

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