Better Sit and Wait!


The day I wrote that I would do my best to make of 2007 a better year than 2006, I was so right and I was so wrong! Here I explain why.


In fact, I haven’t done a lot to make this year a special one. I don’t particularly like to admit it, but sometimes it is better to stay still and let things happen. I couldn’t make things happen because I was kind of down during this winter. Two bad falls, one while running and the other at the gym, the camera robbery and a couple of other troubles kept me worried and incapable of focusing on important matters.


Only by July/August I could feel myself again, despite that I write today still in pain of the unexpected gym accident… but very much alive. Right now I even experience some dose of afraid of feeling good, because each time I start to feel like that something wrong happens to me…


Nevertheless, at the same time that I was dealing with falls, lack of energy and pain, real good things kept happening around me. Just to remember a few, because there are more, I have the return to “My Island” and soon our September Dream Holidays. When I use “dream holidays”, I am talking about the place and the company. I couldn’t wish for better!


Last weekend I learned that something very special is about to happen in a few days time. Twenty years ago I had a very good friend of mine. I think she was the last person to whom I could talk openly and share good and bad moments. She went away and never returned. When I visited Portugal, where she lives with a new husband and a daughter, I was always too busy to contact her. Well, this time we are going to meet for sure, and that is going to be another 2007 marvel!