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We are ending what can be the last real cold week of this year. Hope so! Hope so! To make things a little more interesting, we decided to split our week in half by doing one of our usual short travels to Nelspruit. Temperatures in that neighbour town can be lower, however, we don’t have the same amount of humidity as here, and the unpleasant sensation that comes with it.


Yesterday the road was quiet, the border service slowly improving and the shopping always the same search leading to nowhere, except for making us escape from the winter boredom. We had a special moment do, but I am going to talk about it later. Right now, as it is possible to guess, I’m not investing in accidental travels but in our September holidays and in my already close meeting with friend M!


As for the rest of the week: Monday was spent gardening with the help of smiling guarda George; Tuesday we went to the airport to pick Andy and KT freshly arrived from Zambezia where they left two happy crocodiles. They now have a lake and a green field to walk freely, inside the Mission premises; Wednesday was Thoth bath day and my pain free first day in two weeks. We also learned that JP is in Namibia and he is coming home soon; Thursday we hit the road; and here I am Friday… As you can see, it was just another trivial week!


Estamos agora a terminar o que pode muito bem ser a última semana realmente fria deste ano. Espero que sim! Espero que sim! Para tornar as coisas um pouco mais interessantes, decidimos dividir a semana ao meio fazendo uma das nossas usuais curtas viagens a Nelspruit. As temperaturas nessa cidade vizinha podem ser mais baixas, contudo, não temos tanta humidade como aqui e a sensação desagradável que ela traz.


Ontem a estrada estava calma, o serviço na fronteira está a melhorar pouco a pouco e as compras são sempre uma procura que leva a lado nenhum, excepto fazer-nos escapar ao tédio do Inverno. De facto tivemos um momento especial, mas vou falar dele mais tarde. De momento, como é possível depreender, não estou a investir em viagens ocasionais mas sim nas nossas férias em Setembro e no já não tão distante encontro com a minha amiga M!


Quanto ao resto da semana: Segunda-feira estive a jardinar com a ajuda do nosso sorridente guarda George; Terça-feira fomos ao aeroporto buscar o Andy e o KT, acabados de chegar da Zambézia onde deixaram dois felizes crocodilos. Ele têm agora um lago e um espaço verde para se movimentarem livremente, no perímetro da Missão; Quarta-feira foi dia do banho do Thoth e o meu primeiro dia sem dores em duas semanas. Também fomos informados que o JP está na Namíbia e que regressa brevemente para casa; Quinta-feira fizemo-nos à estrada; e aqui estou Sexta-feira… Como podem ver, foi apenas outra semana vulgar!


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  1. Because I did not see a place to comment on the “About” part of your blog, I have chosen to comment here, Seabell, about your monologue entitled “Fear.” I have to admit that it was pretty foreign to me. Your opening lines about what your parents taught you (the robber and the assassin) astounded me. I have not been raised in a violent society. I faced my share of bullies and mean people growing up, especially during one stretch of time when I was 10 years old, but it was mostly school yard stuff. I work now in areas in an urban setting where people will say, “Oh, that’s a bad area.” I’ll reply, “No, it is a poor area; they are not the same thing.” Though I know they can be. Just some thoughts which came to me as I was reading those paragraphs.

  2. First of all, KP, let me tell you that I like your name but I am so used to your poetic designation that I stick with it for now. Second, I would like to explain that if I leave the comments open I have to deal with advertisements or worst. Now, about fear… Because my father worked within the criminal area, he was in contact with very bad stuff. My mother was a very protective lady with a certain tendency to have panic attacks… Here, in Mozambique, we can find wonderful people and very bad people. Right now we are living a disturbing period of criminality whose reasons are too long and subjective to explain. Yesterday, right on the same spot where my camera was stolen, two German ladies were assaulted. I hate living with fear, but we do have to stock a fair amount of it, enough to make us wise and careful without generalizing or making us bitter. Enjoy your weekend, KP! Seabell

  3. Oh, Seabell, I knew some of the reasons for the fear, and though I said they were foreign to me, I understood them. They were foreign just in the sense that I haven’t had to live with that experience, at least as a rule. Of course, we all have those moments of fear. I have been lost. I have been in urban settings, where if I wasn’t afraid, someone else was and fear can be catching. I try to be wise. My lovely wife and I are headed to New York City for the first time (at least in my life) in a couple of weeks, and she has fears I don’t have, yet as you suggested, there is always the need to be wise.

    And Seabell, you can always call me KP, because I will always be Kara’s Poet.

    With many friendly thoughts for you,


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