A Stop for Sun


A little more than twenty-four hours ago we stopped the car to give a little of color to our tar grey afternoon. After so much time spent on a highway, we picked one of the hotels bordering a natural reserve, a place we hadn’t visited before. We had tea and left with good and bad impressions about that hotel.


First the good: the hotel is build inside a natural park, having all the consequent attractions and beauty. There is a river crossing the hotel and another big one running around it. The last is called Crocodile River, a huge one, now with little water to prove how dry it has been. Crocodile is usually a busy large river, both in terms of water and animal life.


From the balcony where we sat, it was possible to see cars stopping on the bridge to watch crocs and hippos enjoying water while they can. Unfortunately, my small provisional camera doesn’t have enough zoom to give you an idea of the wildlife below us, but I still tried to get birds, a lazy croc and two thirsty gazelles.


We were tempted to come and stay for the weekend, particularly since we saw the night watch lamps kept around the hotel and the account of lions, elephants and leopards coming to the river at night. Nonetheless, we decided against after the lousy service we could witness. I really don’t understand how someone can invest so much money in such business and then leave it in the wrong hands. Well, I am talking about stained windows, nice but not professional personnel at all, dubious food, etc.


It was already sunset when we left the place. I was more puzzled than pleased with the visit, yet my body was kissed by the sun and my heart and mind refreshed by the incomparable openness of the African landscape.