My Wars


Wars are not beautiful to watch but sometimes they have to be fought. Soon I have to start one of my private wars. I would prefer not to fight it but during the last months I concluded that I don’t have another solution.


I have already told my diamond earrings story, but I can remember it for you. Sometime ago I bought a pair of white gold loops. I loved them but they had a small problem. When I arrived at home, I detected that parts of the loops used 9c gold. When this happens, other metals have to be present. The result was a terrible allergic skin reaction!


We exchanged e-mails with the jeweler and were authorized to swap the loops for something else, in any of the shops they own in South Africa. It took me almost two years to find a pair of earrings that I really liked. They were beautiful and simple with a round diamond and a tear shaped green peridot in each. The shine of the diamond on the humble peridot was simply irresistible. The decision was immediately taken. We handed the loops back and obviously had to pay for the difference.


The next morning we traveled back home. To my dismay, once arrived I discovered that one of the diamond-peridot earrings was missing. Due to a series of circumstances, almost another year passed before I could go back to the same shop where I handed back the solitaire earring and asked the price for a duplication. I even asked the attendant who received the earring to make a sketch of it for me. I waited and waited. Finally, months ago, I went back to the jewelers and claimed the duplication or my solitaire earring back. Only because I still have the invoice, they were forced to confessed the unexpected: they had also lost the handed solitaire earring.


I’ve been patiently waiting, but now I decided to make a move. It is not a greedy thing. It is just a question of justice. As I told you, there are wars that have to be fought…