A Room and a Skirt


What can a girl like Seabell do when she selects a place for her Dream Holidays? She picks a house with a peculiar room, for instance. She is not superstitious and doesn’t believe in simple conclusions, but the fact is that sometimes she has to deal with strange phenomenon…


That room was occupied by Andy and JP, two strong boys who never complained before of a single nightmare. This once, and for consecutive nights, they had disturbing dreams, more than one per night, wakening at the same time due to them. The dreams involved people lost in the middle of fields, crying of sadness; women stabbing men and dogs; voices calling for them… For general amazement (and amusement), they stated these dreams over dinner, and the need to sleep during the day on the beach because of their sleepless nights. It was the first time they had a similar experience and they were almost sure that it all resulted from the room where they slept.


I have to tell that the description of those nightmares was one of the funniest moments of Seabell’s holidays. And I also have to tell that despite Seabell’s laugh, she is the first to recognize the singularity of some circumstances in her own life. Take for instance one of her wrap skirts. If it’s not a spirit playing with it, what can explain that every single time that she wears it something bad happens in her life? Why doesn’t she just throw it away? For two simple reasons: she likes the skirt and deep inside she doesn’t want to believe in ghosts.


Thinking of it, who wouldn’t like to own a ghost skirt? Or a pair of spooked earrings brought more than 10 years ago, but not yet in her possession (posts of 2007.02.25 and 2007.09.06)? Confusion and peculiar turns keep happening around this story, while she still believes that one day she is going to have those earrings back in her hand and call them hers, as it was supposed to be since the day she paid for them.



To be true with myself, I have to admit that the place I picked added nothing to what dream holidays should be. Everything went fine, except for some aspects: 1) The dreams Andy and JP complained about involved my name and TD’s name. They could represent a transfer of our state of mind to them… 2) Since holidays, Andy has been really sick. 3) The place wasn’t good for my mind and my heart too. I found myself somewhere I’ve been before, taking decisions about completely different plans for my life. It was painful deep inside. It still is. 4) Since then, it has been difficult to stop the feelings of hopelessness and tiredness. The pain will go away, I know. I always hope that writing helps clear my mind and keep ghosts away. I have to undo my feelings again. Hard job has been living these past days! The aftermath of a never happened tsunami!


Physically, I shiver, I feel dizzy, like vomiting, with no appetite at all. Doesn’t look like a cold or flu. Stress? Emotional fever? Don’t get me wrong. I am not feeling that miserable! I even like to feel this way, because I know that inside of me there is a fight between the dreamer and the wise Seabell. I am glad it is like so. I am alive!


A little after writing the two paragraphs above, I learned that I am with an inflammation of the throat, just like Andy is. This happens with frequency when we have contact a particular person coming from Europe. I decided to keep the text just to remember how a mere physical condition can affect my mood.