Best of September Again



No doubt that in normal circumstances my best of September would be my “Dream Holidays”. They deserve a best at least for two aspects: 1) Owing to professional reasons and distance it’s not easy to reunite our family for holidays. 2) Despite a couple of organizational problems, there was a lot less relational constrain than in previous reunions.


Nevertheless, I didn’t realize how stressed I would feel the following weeks. It wasn’t the obvious after holidays stress, just a stupid unexpected emotional process. I’ve been fighting it and feeling like my ex-neighbor who fell from a boat and had to spend the night in the middle of the sea. This is a hard, consuming and annoying fight! Precisely because of that, I don’t want to forget it. So… my best is, in ex-aequo: “September Dream Holidays” and “Seabell Emotional Fight”. Great challenging month, it was!