Morning Highlights-7


“Doctor Paul”
Instead of a treasure hunter and other things, Paul could as well be a doctor. No one can talk about health issues near him without having back his full enthusiasm. He knows all the illnesses, and the cure for them. He reads the subject and loves any conversation about it. You just start? He is there! Seabell runs away from “doc Paul” sapience, like a cat runs from the water.


(By the way, Seabell doesn’t like very much the above comparison, because she has seen a cat diving for food. Since then she is not sure of the accuracy of such sentence. That cat was a professional diver. At that time, Seabell’s father owned a hunting farm called Fonte Santa (Holy Fountain), in the middle of Alentejo. Sometimes Seabell and sister accompanied him through the blazing hills, always begging for the rabbits, the hares and the partridges lives. There was a nice river crossing the property right on the middle, where they had lots of fun with a raft. Well, it was in that place that Seabell met the cat. She still remembers how skilled he was. Does Seabell’s sister remember that cat too?)


About Paul’s doctor like behavior, Seabell has to confess that from time to time he prescribes good medicine. Aware of Seabell’s sleeping difficulties, he recently opened the curtains saying:


“I know what you have to do…”


Seabell panicked expecting the name of a pill, a tea or other kind of miraculous potion. Can you believe that he completed his idea with:


“You are used to a lot of exercise. I do have to admit that you must return to tae bo classes, and whatever you feel like doing!”


Isn’t he right for this once!?!?!?


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  1. Of course I remember! The cat, the beautiful farm “Fonte Santa”, and the small turtles and the small pig (we got as a present from a neighbour farmer). Belos tempos…

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