Large Amounts of Ingenuity!


One may think that only women fall for internet traps, but now and then we are confronted with the fact that men can be as ingenuous and fragile as women are.


Just hear this: some time ago an Australian citizen went to Mali after a period of correspondence with a Mali woman. He had “strong reasons” to do like so: 1) He was in love with her. 2) He was informed that the bride represented a dowry of $100.000 in gold.


At the airport, instead of a woman, two men were waiting for him. Soon he was assaulted, robbed and kept captive for 12 days. How ingenuous people can be!


I have some doubts about this story because in Africa the man pays the dowry and not the contrary. It could make more sense if he was told to carry that amount with him to pay for the bride, a guarantee that the scam would be monetary successful.


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