The Care of the Poor


Slowly I am starting to feel myself again. I miss my real me, if I am allowed to express myself this way.


Yesterday Paul showed his concern about the local weather (a good sign when his concern is no longer me…):


“September should be windy, not rainy and grey as it is now! And it is going to be like this for another week…” he said.


With that information in hand, I decided to dress myself for the rest of the week with happy colors, my humble contribution to give a little of zest to the world!


One thing is for sure, because of the dreadful combination weather-work, my daily routine changed a lot. For instance, I stopped walking and running on Miradouro. It has been like 5 days without going out with Paul. Sunday afternoon I saw Paul arriving with a puzzled smile all over his face.


“What?” I asked.


“Do you believe that the group of security personnel (guards from a private company) addressed to me while I was walking? For the first time in almost a year of walking in the same place, they stopped me and asked ‘where is senhora?’ They showed a truly curiosity about your absence!”


Paul was surprised and so am I. During months I crossed the places where they work without saying a word or at least looking at them! I am feeling like someone who has just learned a precious lesson. Besides caring, I can walk safely on two streets of this town just because they are there… They are a truly example of what being Mozambican is all about: good hearts caught inside tragic circumstances. I shall never ignore them from now on! They have just earned a special supper. I am not the kind to forget someone else’s care.