What I’ll Be Doing Next Summer


We have been doing plans for summer, as usual. There is nothing spectacular scheduled, however I suspect that we will have a nice quiet summer with a few required surprises.


First of all, I have 2 months of tae bo and tango followed by 2 months of stop, before returning to the classes again. Tango is proving to be a very social kind of dance, including an open dance saloon and enjoying cheese and wine from time to time. (Damn wine allergy!) During our last class, our exceptional teacher described tango as “making love”, as a “sensation in the spine”.

“When you feel tango like making love, and other people look at you and feel the same, you have it! You are dancing tango…”

Serious matter, this one! It leaves us wondering…

While I am tae boing, I convinced Paul to exercise a little in the same gym. It is good for him. I also convinced him to go now and then for a yoga class with me. We will keep walking, or running, at Miradouro, where I also meet Katherine, the security personnel, guitar players, my new friend Max and others… That’s our active summer!

In terms of work, it looks like a couple of ideas can go through during the next months. Mainly, we still sit and wait for three “treasures” we feel like ours. We shall see!

It is much easier to plan fun around here. There are no dates, yet, but more or less in this order we plan to go to: Marracuene for our “summer toast”; Xai-Xai for mussels and calamari; Ponta do Ouro for diving; Richards Bay to visit JP; Bilene for driving around the lagoon; Inhambane for its fabulous beaches; Durban for Christmas shopping; Graskop to escape from hot January; Johannesburg to stay a while with TD; Zinkwazi for relaxation…

I’ll be busy next summer. I just wonder if I’ll survive it…