License To Be Above the Law


On the 1st of November, Mozambican authorities started issuing the new driver’s licenses. I can say without a single doubt that this government is clearly acting above the law, because the legality of the bid for the driver’s licenses production still depends of a court decision. If you want to know a little more about this subject, you can read my previous posts of September 17, March 09 and January 17.


 Meanwhile, if I still had doubts about the corruption nature of the deal involving Mozambicans driver’s licenses, they would be all gone by now, since I had access to a South African investigation document about the company awarded with the bid. It is a 16 pages document signed and sealed with a registration Security Service Provider number. I’m not giving you details, but I can’t help the gesture of inviting you to check the profile of one of the men somehow related with the awarded company behind the driver’s licenses production. Perhaps now you can understand my concerns…