Best of November Again



There is no month in my life without bests and worsts, however I must be a very positive person since I just remember the good.


This particular November I have a list of happy events, each one of them deserving to be a best. To make it a little more interesting, you guess which one I picked. Here they are: 1) Visiting JP in Richards Bay where he leads a group of divers doing an important environmental job. 2) Completing my beginners dance course. 3) Spending some rainy days in a place I really like. 4) Going to the concert where Ti’s group presented for the first time their second album, supposed to be out in February. 4) Reading a critic who rated a book I co-wrote with five stars. 5) My afternoon bougainvillea walks.


I think it’s a bit obvious which one I picked. Did you guess it?