Abc of CB


CB stands for Cahora Bassa, a giant in the middle of nowhere, right in the heart of one of the poorest countries in the world. I’ve been feeling like writing about the subject, facts and comments. More recently I decided to stick with the facts. So here are just a few:


1. The construction of Cahora Bassa was a way of strengthening the relation between two old regimes: Portuguese colonial fascism and South African apartheid. The deal was plain and simple: Portugal was supposed to build the dam and the ever growing South African economy should buy, transform and consume the production – reselling part of it to Mozambique.


2. A single South African factory in the Richards Bay area consumes more power supplied by CB than the entire Mozambique.


3. Cahora Bassa didn’t, and still doesn’t, make sense as it was built in a country without the capacity of taking full advantage of the power supplied by it.


4. Cahora Bassa was managed by a consortium with Portuguese majority. Since November 27, Mozambique controls 85% of the company.


5. Three years ago, South Africa started to have problems with the Portuguese management since they wanted to raise the selling price.


6. The idea of transferring the control of the dam to Mozambique came from a consultant company linked to a South African powerful financial group. Nothing wrong with it, except if we take in consideration the image of Mozambique in some South African circles.


7. The dam has to be seen in a local and regional context. It is important that Southern Africa and especially Mozambique come out of the economical apathy to a undeniable path of grow, in such a way that Cahora Bassa and other similar infra-structures can be fully used by regional countries for the benefit of Southern African people.