Best of December Again



I have at least four reasons to remember this particular December. Here they are by chronological order:



December started the good way with a very special 1st. That day we went to Macaneta beach to toast summer. I know it was a little late for that but summer was late this year.


Our welcoming picnic was great. We had smoked salmon and homemade tuna paste sandwiches, chips, strawberries and bubbles to toast. Our “ritual” is quite simple: we toast and drink, being the first and last bits spilled over the ground. As for the rest, Paul and I finish the bottle with no sacrifice.


We had picked a quiet solitary rectangle of sand, but you know how it is, people are gregarious by nature, so when we looked around most of the holidayers from the ferry had “camped” around us.


Here I have to remind that when we toast in Marracuene we are not celebrating war or lords of war but warriors who fought with courage. By sharing with them, I am sure they understand our admiration for brave people. Cheers!



One of the best things in December is always the boys’ homecoming. It’s that time of the year and we have three flashing trees to remember it: one artificial tree inside, one real tree outside and another artificial tree also outside. Ti was able to get a couple of days to stay and JP was lucky to have holidays from November 7 to January 2. It feels right to watch the three together, despite their different paths. Cheers!



I’ve been trying to learn a little about photography but I picked the wrong subject. Now I am focused on the subject and lost from my initial learning intention. I already wrote about my photographic journey so far. Cheers!


Swimming pool

We have been on standby for a job. Because of that we can’t or don’t feel like planning holidays or weekends outside Maputo. Besides, the weather has been a little instable and the boys expect us to be here for most of December.


Now that I am not dancing and tae boing, the only thing left is the swimming pool. All I can say is that it has been fun in more than a sense. Cheers!