European Chronicles-2


The second day in Seville I stopped feeling cold at all. I guess it takes 24 hours for my European blood to surface. I have to tell that I am not very sensitive to cold, hence I couldn’t understand some funny looks around me. Only when I stepped outside on short sleeves and noticed someone coming wrapped in wools and scarves, I understood the looks. I belong to a group that don’t feel cold as long as there is a bit of sun shinning on the blue sky, whatever the temperature might be. Mozambican and South African winter is far more cold, humid and capricious. Two hours later I couldn’t help asking to take a picture of me, an African girl on summer outfits, side by side with someone from Europe on heavy winter clothes.


My last day of 2007 was picar lots of jámon and delicatessen like anchovies and others. Shopping for dinner was our main task. The idea was starting our last meal of 2007 at 10pm, eating until toasting the Mozambican New Year (1 hour before local time), go on until Spanish New Year (local time) and keep eating until Portuguese New Year (1 hour after local time). Lots of toasting as you can guess!


The place was a Sevillian house set on a green scenery, an extraordinary cold place during the night. Our party was a Portuguese businessman and wife, another Portuguese couple, a Spanish businessman and wife, a Portuguese engineer and wife, Paul and I. Add to this: a Portuguese rugby player, two economists, one science student and a little one called Simon. Total: fifteen.


Around 2am we went (excluding Simon) to a music bar waiting for the Espartal Flamengo presentation to start. One hour later we experienced what flamengo is. To be precise, we experienced two hours of flamengo. Some of us danced a lot, some danced a little and some didn’t dance at all.


I didn’t remember to fall asleep around 6am, but sometime during the first morning of the year Paul found me with the light on and the book still on my hands. Welcome 2008!