Back to Africa


“What can I say? If you allow me a common sense, I feel like saying:


“It’s good to be back home!”


During my twenty something days away, I never thought if I was happier here or there, I just enjoyed the moment. The last week was really hard. I stepped from flight to flight. That is very tiring. Airports used to be exciting places to be, meaning holidays, friends or family, and other nice things. Today, they mean security rules. Put up with unbelievable things. Why do they ask only some men to take their shoes off? Paul always escapes from that probation. Does he have a friendly face?


Well, I was saying about my last week. In two words: flying and sickness. No wonder I agreed it was time to go home. When the door of the plane was opened to a wonderful 27ºC and a reasonable amount of humidity, two ladies next to me, coming to Mozambique on holidays, cried of pleasure with the heat wave involving us.


I found a beautiful bay waiting for me. The running water of Maputo river, coming from South Africa, is carrying golden dry leaves that form intriguing shapes on the beach, along the marginal and all the length of the blue bay.


I found Andy and dog Thoth in shape. The house wasn’t in the same good shape. I was asking questions for two days, like: “Who has moved this chair? Who has bottle stained my glass table? Who has moved upstairs books to the downstairs living? Who has put fat on my black sofas? Who has vomited on my yellow chair? (Due to the circumstances, I can forgive this one!) Who swapped all the duvets?


I could be asking and asking, up to now, if Andy didn’t concluded they couldn’t get away with it. Finally, he surrounded:


“We had a group of divers sleeping at home, including JP!”


Here is my message to future guest-divers: I don’t mind to have lots of divers around, as it is evident. I don’t mind the chairs, the stains, the books, the duvets… However, next time don’t break my toilette or drink my wine and cognac!


Even with all the above questions, it’s good to be back. What about Europe? Europe is fine. After so many summer holidays, cold is not a worry any more. I’ve got all I wanted from Europe, namely my new dancing shoes.


What I like best in Europe? The same I like in Africa. A clear blue sky! A bright sunny day!